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Grown in the pristine islands of southern Japan Kenko Ashitaba is grown using traditional methods, honoring the history of this healing plant. After harvesting, we bring in our patented low heat processing techniques to preserve the integrity of the fresh leaves while offering all the benefits of Ashitaba in a pure easy to use powdered form.

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take 1/2 tsp. daily

Get the full benefits of Ashitaba with just one half teaspoon daily. To prepair with water heat water to 140 degrees and stir until it disolves. You can also add it to smoothies, apple juice or any liquid of your choice.


Ashitaba is a powerful antioxidive substance with almost double the water soluble antioxidant capacity of green tea, drinking ashitaba tea as part of your morning routine will not only give you a caffeine free form of energy to get your day started, it will give you a natural immune system boost and help your body combat free radicals.

Antioxidants are one of the most studied natural substances and there is great evidence showing that supplementing your diet with natural antioxidants can have a broad and positive effect on your health by, improving your immune system function, preventing inflammation of the skin and joints, and lowering the risk of many age related diseases.

When Dr. Y. Inamori and his colleagues from Osaka University in Japan were studying ashitaba they found it was incredibly rich in a powerful antioxidative substance called chalcone. Previously the best natural source of chalcone was from celery but where celery has only a small amount of chalcone. In comparison ashitaba can contain up to and in excess of ten percent chalcone as well as many other natural antioxidants like Vitamins A, C and E.

Why Kenko is Right For You

  • Joseph. NG

    This ashitaba tea is a green powder very much like the tea served in tea ceremonies when I was living in Japan in the mid-1990s. It is rich, lightly aromatic, and very enjoyable. My friends sweared by the health effects of Ashibata…

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  • Kathy P.

    As a clinical nutritionist, I became interested in Ashitaba because of its reported abilities to aid a variety of health conditions…. After doing extensive research on Ashitaba, I am extremely impressed with its healthy benefits.

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  • Steve from NY

    ..I am a diabetic and my Balae from California first told me about the value of Ashitaba in lowering your A1C and helping with blood sugar fluctuations. For over a month now I have been adding 2 Ashitaba leaves to my daily soups and omelettes. My A1C has gone down significantly and I am a 100% believer. Now with this pure Ashitaba powder, I have an easier way to make Ashitaba part of my daily life…



Raw Ashitaba Tea