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Your DNA Might Be The Key To A Longer Healthier Life

People in Japan have an uncanny ability to live longer and healthier lives than the rest of the world but as scientists take a fresh look at their traditions the pieces of the puzzle have started to come together and the results might just be life changing.

In order to understand how some basic differences in japanese diet can lead to the largest population of healthy individuals over the age of 100 in the world, you need to understand how DNA functions as a blueprint, constantly regenerating and rebuilding every element of your body.

Deoxyribo Nucleic Acid (DNA) is a series of atoms bound together in a spirally ladder that is famously visualized as the double helix. Like everyone has learned it forms the blueprint or basic foundation of life in all its wonderful forms from simple house plant to a human being.


The way I learned about DNA was that I got it from my parents and that it was my genetics, fixed and unchanging. The reality is much more organic and like everything in nature it is constantly growing and changing. If the environment is right that could mean leaving behind a pesky genetic predisposition or in poor environments being the first person in your family to suffer from heart disease.

The primary function your DNA is to send the signal to amino acids to form into different forms of proteins, these proteins form cells, which in turn create the soft and hard tissues your body is made of. Every level of this process of constant regeneration is guided by your DNA map which in itself is constantly repairing and recreating itself.

Just one strain of DNA in one cell gets damaged thousands of times per day and with billions of cells in the body the number of errors in your DNA map that happen per day measure in the quintillions. This is a constant fight against damage can lead to every kind of age-related disease from alzheimer's to cancer. Defects caused by certain mutations during this constant process of repairing and replacing DNA are associated with premature aging and most kinds of cancer.


Man has for thousands of years searched for the fountain of youth seeking to live healthier for longer than ever before. A form of that fountain is already built into the very blueprint of your body planning out every aspect of your physiology and health on the most basic level in the form of billions of micro decisions.

This process is linked directly not just to premature aging but aging in general and the best way to protect your body from these effects is to introduce natural enzymes through your diet that protect and heal your DNA, slowing the process of aging and providing you with more healthier and active years.

How A Small Change In Your Diet Can Prevent and Reverse The Effects of Aging

I am sure you were taught that celery is good for you but if your like I was you might not know why?

Celery has a naturally occurring chemical compound known as chalcone. Chalcone is a healing powerhouse that increases insulin sensitivity while at the same time actively lowering bad cholesterol, restoring alkalinity to your blood and creating a hostile environment for free radicals the number one contributor to negative DNA mutation.

Another and even more powerful naturally occurring chemical is capable of naturally shielding DNA from mutations. It is called 4-hydroxyderricin (4-H) on top of natural anti diabetic effects 4-H has been studied in depth for it’s anti-cancer effects by preventing the DNA synthesis of cancerous cells and preventing the vascularization of cancer.

In short these two compounds work together to slow the aging process, shielding your DNA from free radical damage and organically regenerating a healthy and effectively younger genetic map.

Although celery does contain Chalcones in trace amounts in order to get an ample amount of the compound as well as 4-H there is another less known plant in the same family from Japan known as Ashitaba.

Ashitaba contains between 4-10% Chalcone and 4-H and is rapidly absorbed by the body. Studies show that after just two days of regular consumption the enzymes contained in the plant are present throughout your entire bodies soft tissue going right to work to combat the effects of age and promoting a healthy body at the most basic DNA level.


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