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5 FAQs on Ashitaba (and Why You Should Be Drinking this Tea!)

The average lifespan in Japan is 84.2 years, with over 2 million residents clocking 90 in 2017 alone. In comparison, the average lifespan in the US is 78.69 years. This means Japanese citizens are likely to live 6+ years more than their American counterparts.  The question is, how are the Japanese living longer than the rest of the world? What are they eating or doing that we're not? Truth is apart from genetics, the Japanese have a wide array of healthy lifestyle habits and plants. But one that particularly stands out is their consumption of the Ashitaba plant.  Often called the "Tomorrow Leaf", Ashitaba plants are thought to help improve the user's health so they can live as long as humanly...

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10 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Ashitaba Tea

Are you a tea drinker? Do you try and keep a healthy diet? If you said yes to either of those questions, then you should take a close look at ashitaba tea. This wondrous tea has a number of amazing health benefits and is an excellent addition to your healthy diet. We've broken down the primary reasons why you should be drinking this incredible tea. 10 Ashitaba benefits that you should know about 1. Say hello to a stronger and more powerful immune system. Ashitaba is an antioxidant powerhouse. Antioxidants are essential to a healthy, active, and effective immune system. They ensure that cells remain undamaged and prevent bacteria or viruses from entering the body. Antioxidants help prevent and reduce...

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